Aquarius Mini Crystal Set
Aquarius Mini Crystal Set
Aquarius Mini Crystal Set
Aquarius Mini Crystal Set

Aquarius Mini Crystal Set

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Aquarius Zodiac Mini Stone Pack: clear quartz + amethyst. 

Inner cover:

  • CLEAR QUARTZ:  The master healer and energy transmitter; amplifies energy of all other stones. Brings light of the stars to the soul.
  • AMETHYST: Known for transmuting lower vibrational energies into higher frequency states to clear the aura and physical body. It is both regal and peaceful.

Back cover:

  • The stones in this collection have been curated to support the attributes of the associated zodiac sign.
  • The Aquarius personality traits include independence, intelligence, wit, and a focus on humanitarianism.
  • Ruling planets: Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter
  • Element: Air

Includes 2 mini stone packs consisting of:

  • 1 natural clear quartz point
  • 1 amethyst (polished)

Last spring we shifted to a made to order model for most of our collection - that means we get to be more creative and it helps us to truly be more sustainable and make only what is sold. As our collection is made with a small family run workshop in New Delhi we do not have exact shipping info beyond the month we have stated for shipping, for which you will be notified as soon as you place your order, and which is also in the item’s description.

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