Inspired by: Costa Rica

carolina benoti fashion designer costa rica inspiration
As a designer I'm constantly looking for inspiration and most of that inspiration comes from nature. I specially love looking at flowers, and finding all the hidden colors in them and their strange shapes, like how some leaves look like they have white but it's just light reflecting them, and how things are never just green, but a mix of so many other colors. Costa Rica gave me that much needed reset to be able to create and have fun again. The rivers remind me of my childhood, I used to play in the river a lot, collecting stones and tadpoles, and the mountains give you that energetic push to create again. By the end of the trip I was begging my husband to stay a couple more days.
You'll probably be seeing the colors of Costa Rica in my new collection, it's river, and it's beauty reflected in the jewelry and clothes we make. 
Remember to ROMANTICIZE your life, and send me a note, I read them all! 
What I wore: 
A mix of my favorite beach friendly necklaces
Our block-print ruched palm springs dress
Our Antoinette Printed Top

Our gorgeous shell statement necklace