Moon Water During The Full Moon

Moon Water During The Full Moon

Every month is a new chance to be reborn into your best and most powerful self, the full moon offers an opportunity, specially to women to re-connect to their inner feminine. It's no wonder that in Judaism, Rosh Hodesh (new moon) is a time for women to relax and be with each other. As I'm older and I become more aware of the cycles, and more attuned with the lunar calendar I love to make a monthly beauty elixir, which reminds me that true beauty lies within. 

full moon moon water ritual elixir

I make moon water once a month and I infuse it not only with essential oils and crystals, but also with the best intentions. I usually find profound intentions to go with it, for example: Hashem let me see my true beauty beyond the physical, Hashem let me be peace to the world, Hashem let me be a light of love to my family and community... You can create your own intentions, the idea is to write these intentions in your journal and make them powerful, how can your divine feminine make the world better? 

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