About Our Eco Denim

Our eco denim, free of Azo dyes and made entirely by hand supporting artisans around the world

If you are into sustainability, you probably already know that denim is one of the most destructive fabrics. Not only it takes tremendous amounts of water to make one pair of jeans (cotton, dyeing, and then acid washes to destroy them further), but It's also a pretty energy-consuming process from looming to the consumer.

A single pair of traditionally-made jeans requires an embarrassing amount of chemicals, thousands of liters of water, and energy consumption that has been almost comically outsized compared to the finished product.

Enter our eco denim. The first extraordinary thing about our eco denim is that it's produced ethically. We take care of the artisans who hand-make the denim by supporting a craft that we believe can change the world.
The second fantastic thing about our eco denim is that it's produced by handloom; this keeps traditions alive and uses 0 electricity.

Lastly, our denim is free of azo dyes. Azo dye chemicals can cause cancer and are dangerous to human genes or reproduction. We use 100% vegetable dyes to create gorgeous colors. The pigments that we use are all environmentally friendly, mostly recycled from zero-value waste material. You don't need those nasty chemicals against your skin. Needless to say, the cotton used in this production is organic.

What to expect from our fabric? Eco denim is a very soft fabric; it feels more like chambray than denim. It also has some brightness and shine, with some natural knots occurring due to the hand-looming process. It's perfect to wear in the summer, as it is soft and light. After washing, it becomes softer, and if you take care of it, it will last decades. After you are done with your garment beyond its lifetime, it will go back to the earth as natural compost.

Here's a small video from our denim manufacturer explaining the whole process. You can see the indigo dyeing technique, all made with cold water, and the hand-looming tradition, which has been crucial to India's break from Colonial rule. This inspires us to continue creating with this gorgeous fabric and sharing this knowledge with the world. We dream of a world where eco denim is the norm, not the exception.

What are your thoughts on our eco denim? Are you ready to make the switch?