Our Values

Our goal for 2030 is to be fully circular. However, we must act now. There’s no time to waste, global warming is a real thing and the destruction of our planet is continuing. We want to be a force of change in the world of fashion and for this reason we are committed to responsible, sustainable and ethical practices. Read about our values and our commitment to the planet. 


We are committed to introducing the best sustainable materials. Our core fabric is linen, but we work with different materials: vegan silk (made from cotton waste in a fully circular process), organic cotton (our eco denim, made with 0% electricity and reused water) 

About Carolina

Carolina Benoit began her career in New York. During her time at The Big Apple, she worked for major brands such as Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Catherine Malandrino.

In 2011, she returned to Miami, launching her clothing line "Carolina Benoit" and opening her store. Benoit has earned various recognitions during her career, including Miami Fashion Week Emerging Designer of the year 2014 and a nomination in the Peroni Nastro Azzurro's Emerging Designer Competition.

In 2020 Carolina decided to pivot the direction of her brand and commit herself to produce sustainable clothing by developing a more ethically made line of clothes that offer high-quality designs using a combination of practices that help with the conservation of the environment. Benoit utilizes ecological fabrics and traditional techniques like block printing, a method made with natural tints resulting in minimal exploitation of harmful resources for the planet.

Handmade in India
Our Philosophy

Carolina Benoit represents a community of romantic women. Every piece, pattern, and detail embodies a timeless design philosophy that offers clothes to enhance a feminine power. Our primary purpose is to produce ethically and create clothes that support environmental sustainability using natural processes.

In addition, we develop high-endpieces that avoid exploiting resources and our fellow humans.