November Newsletter: Stepping Into The Feminine

ruffled skirt stepping into my feminine power tie dye eco friendly Carolina Benoit feminine fashion eco fashion in miami best designer

Where to even begin?

If you know me from over the years or followed me into this journey, you know that I'm completely different to the way I was. The only way I can describe it is that I was very much into the masculine energy when I created Please Don't Tell. It was all about business and putting everything out in the world as fast as possible for profit. I was not nudged into the feminine again, I was thrown into it, with really difficult inner turmoil which led me to the state I'm in now. Not to say that the transformation is over, or that the work is done. I believe I will continue to change throughout the years, I'm here to evolve. 

In that feminine energy I created Carolina Benoit, the brand under my name. It carries the slowness of motherhood, intention in every piece, and profound love. It is connected to the moon, the Jewish calendar, and to my essence, and it carries my transformation in every collection. 

Collection one was about exploration, indigo, the throat chakra or finding my voice again, It was about the caterpillar and bringing myself back to being a butterfly. I worked on it for a year, and not only that, it carried me in the pandemic while I studied to become a health coach and find another aspect of myself, it was healing just like my practices, and although I had no expectations for it, it gave me sustenance and sustained my healing. 

Then collection two came about and that was all about exploring pajamas, block prints, more fun and more unique, it was inspired by pearls and my mother who loves them. The dresses carry all the pearls they can carry without being heavy and there's flow, movement and freedom. I love how unique our designs are, not commercial like the big fashion brands, they are meant for goddesses, and truly special. 

Now I'm working on two collections: A small capsule collection inspired by the chakras, product of an extremely profound experience I had while on therapy with psychedelics, I will write more about it with the launch. The creme of next year: Solange, a collection inspired by a woman who was connected to the cycles, and was ahead of her time, she was my aunt and she was truly special. As one of my ancestors she's very important to my healing, and thus she deserves a special spotlight. 

With that, I'm stepping into my feminine energy even more each day. It flows. It can be a bit messy, but there's always a way to it, it's not attached to outcome. And most importantly it's completely free from anything that doesn't move me, completely true to my essence. I got it as a gift back to me by a great friend, and I'm never giving it back.

 Ruffled skirt dyed with avocados eco friendly fashion feminine power

What does this mean? You will slowly start to experience more events through this page, more videos and even more inspiration, so that this space not only has fashion or products, but also ideas, and inspiration for your daily life.

I invite you to contact me if you feel connected to this post, how are you stepping into your feminine energy?